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Moo - custom printing services
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Moo - custom printing services
"MOO is an online stationery company. We print custom Business Cards, mini Business Cards (we like to call them MiniCards), Postcards, NoteCards, Greeting Cards and StickerBooks. Each product you print with MOO can be fully customized using images uploaded directly - or imported from sites like facebook and Flickr. MOO’s unique “Printfinity” technology means that every card or sticker in a pack can use a different image or photo for the front. MOO’s products are loved by both consumers and small businesses alike.

• MOO Business Cards 50 custom cards for $21.99US/£10.99/€15.09

• MOO MiniCards 100 unique cards for $19.99US/£9.99/€13.79

• MOO Postcards 20 unique photo postcards for $19.99US/£9.99/€13.79

• MOO Greeting Cards 10 or 25 unique cards,

+ envelopes for $24.99US/£12.99/€17.49

• MOO NoteCards 16 unique cards for $21.99US/£10.99/€15.09

• MOO Stickers 90 Stickers for $9.99 US/£4.99/€6.89"
Moo - custom printing services
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