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Iolo System Mechanic
Iolo System Mechanic
"System Mechanic - The Essential PC Utility Suite.

Use this set of powerful tools to:

OPTIMIZE: Speed up and optimize your hard disk, memory, the Internet, and more for top performance!

FIX: Clean and optimize your registry, repair broken shortcuts, and more!

CLEAN: Keep your PC clean and error-free by eliminating popups, junk files, and Internet clutter!

PROTECT: Wipe out spyware, and safeguard private data! MAINTAIN: Perform system tasks in a snap using the PC Maintenance Wizard!

Search and Recover - The Ultimate File Recovery Tool~

Instantly recover deleted data. Recover any file from any media. Recover pictures, videos, emails, documents, and more from hard drives, digital cameras, MP3 players, Zip drives, USB flash drives, and other portable media!


System Mechanic and Search and Recover have won awards from: PC Magazine, Consumers Digest, Cnet, PC World, PC Computing, and Home Office Computing.

iolo technologies, LLC is ranked in the top ten on the Deloitte & Touche LLP Technology Fast 50 list."
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Iolo System Mechanic
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