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Paddy Power Trader - financial market trading & spread-betting
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" offers users a fully functional platform to trade on commodities, indices, currencies, interest rates and bonds from the world’s financial markets. Spread Betting is a tax-free (at present), commission-free alternative to trading shares and the financial markets. You can profit when markets fall as well as when they rise. With a choice of thousands of markets to choose from, you now have the power to take on the big boys. How much you win or lose depends on how much the price goes up or down multiplied by the stake you originally set. offers you the ability to trade 1000’s of markets worldwide with some of the tightest spreads around. Visitors to the website will have the opportunity to sign up for either a Demo account or a Live account. The demo account gives people the ability to use the platform with real live spreads and a £10,000 virtual cash balance.

We also offer an online Trading Academy where our very own Chris P. Cash will tell you all you need to know about Financial Spread Betting with step by step instructions and easy to follow examples on how to use the trading platform.

And as well as these advantages, all our users have access to the following as standard

1. Weekly wraps - Packed with news and comments on the latest industry movers and shakers

2. State of art trading platform - Fast online execution, interactive charting, portfolio management tools and much more

Paddy Power is a member of both the UK and Irish stock exchanges with a total amount staked of almost €1.8 billion. The company has as an unconventional approach towards betting; Paddy Power is committed to making low-stake betting more entertaining and accessible. Through this strategy the company has developed a strong reputation as "The Punter Friendly Bookmaker" and has become renowned for its unique 'Money Back Specials".

NOTE: Spread bets carry a high level of risk so you should only speculate with money you can afford to lose. Stop-losses are automatically allocated with each bet you make. All stops are not guaranteed. You can lose more than your initial deposit and stake. Before you open an account, please ensure that Spread Betting matches your investment objectives, familiarise yourself with the risks involved and if necessary seek independent advice. "
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