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Discount School Supply
Discount School Supply
"Since 1985 Discount School Supply has been a market leader in the early childhood school supply market. Early childhood educators and parents of young children can choose from thousands of arts and crafts materials, school supplies and educational toys. Other benefits to shoppers include:

• Free Delivery on in-stock Orders over $79

• Same Day Shipping

• 110% Lowest Price Guarantee + Web-only Promotions

• Free Activities and Grant Information "
Featured products
  • $ 473.12 »Birch Dress-Up Storage Unit
  • $ 44.09 »Cozy Woodland Rest Mat - Light Sky Blue
  • $ 12.99 »Ready-To-Decorate® Ten Activities For 100th Day Fun! Posters - 24 posters
  • $ 9,999.99 »Gunnison Gorge Outdoor Play Structure
  • $ 299.99 »Premium Classroom Easel - 1 easel, 4 tubs, 4 cups, 2 trays
  • See all »..and many more at
Discount School Supply
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