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iPage - easy web site creation with cheap green web hosting
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iPage - easy web site creation with cheap green web hosting
" is the easiest way to get a web site up quickly & easily on the internet. If you can write an email you will be able to build a professional web site in 20 minutes. The Package also comes with hosting & emails. This package is terrific for small businesses, Professionals, Organizations, families or individuals who want a great looking web site for a very low cost. The price is $6 per month ( $.20/day ) for the web hosting, emails web builder and 24/7 technical support. relies on for it?s backend systems for the reliability & quality supplies. is truly the easiest way to get a web site up & running on the internet.

* Gnnual hosting plan, starting at only $3.50 a month.

* FREE Google & Yahoo! marketing coupons.

* Green web hosting powered by 100% wind energy."
iPage - easy web site creation with cheap green web hosting
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