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AIG Motor insurance
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"AIG Motor insurance:

• We always give you our best price whether you are a new or existing customer

• We guarantee to refund your money if you find a cheaper quote within 48 hours †

• We can offer you great cover at a competitive price by searching through our specially selected panel of insurers to find the best deal for you

• We are part of AIG, one of the world’s leading insurance and financial services organisations.

With AIG Direct comprehensive car insurance you get...

• Free courtesy car when you use an approved repairer

• Up to 65% no claims discount

• Unlimited cover for manufacturer's audio and navigation equipment

• Free replacement child car seat following an accident.

• Free personal accident protection of up to £10,000 in the event of permanent disability with the option of upgrading to our tailored cover for drivers

• Immediate cover with flexible payment options

And much more..

Arranging your car insurance on-line couldn't be easier. There's even a help feature if you are unsure of anything. Simply choose the cover that best meets your needs and buy on-line in just a few minutes! Why not ask us for a quote and see how much we could save you?
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