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Browse the Sonos online shop and get ready to fill your home with music.

The Sonos wireless music system lets you play any song in any room and control it all wirelessly — from the palm of your hand. Purchase wireless Sonos players starting at $149, then using the Sonos controller app on your phone or tablet to play music in every room of your house. Sonos gives instant access to millions of songs and stations - including music libraries like iTunes that are stored on your computer - thousands of free internet radio stations, and the most popular online music services like Pandora, Spotify, Google Play and more.
Featured products
  • C$ 1,461.00 »Sonos Immersive Set with Ray - Black
  • C$ 199.00 »Sonos Era 300 Stand - White
  • C$ 853.00 »Sonos Entertainment Set with Ray - Black
  • C$ 398.00 »Sonos Ray Mount Set - White
  • $ 59.00 »Sonos One Wall Mount - Black
  • See all »..and many more at
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