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Computer monitoring & protection - Web Watcher, Laptop Cop, Interguard
"WebWatcher, LaptopCop, & Interguard are the most advanced and easy to use services for monitoring, controlling, and protecting computers. These products, by Awareness Technologies, evolved from innovative tools created for the U.S. Coastguard to fight Terrorism.

WebWatcher – The #1 Rated Computer Monitoring Software:

* Invisibly monitor computer and internet use from anywhere

* See online activity in near REAL-TIME

* Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back

Laptop Cop - The Ultimate Laptop Anti-Theft Software:

* Geolocate the stolen laptop

* Allows the user to remotely retrieve and delete files

* Lets the user monitor and control the thief

InterGuard – Integrated protection for all internal threats originating from within businesses:

* Record all employee activity & Instantly improve productivity

* Stop confidential data theft & can webmail and USB files

* Block time-wasting websites & Limit use of software apps"
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