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"World-leading domain name registration, web hosting & server management services. One of the world?s leading hosting providers.

Hostway now provide an online presence for over 300,000 customers worldwide. We are regarded as top 3 in the UK for consumer web hosting and No. 1 for b2b powered solutions and were recently ranked in the 100 most Dynamic Hosting Companies by independent site, HostPulse.

What Do Hostway Exactly Offer?

We offer domain name registration, email only hosting, virtual web hosting, database and ecommerce web hosting, security consultancy and dedicated (build you own) server solutions, all directly from our web site.

We are experts in Linux, Windows and ColdFusion MX hosting and we also provide co-location services and Virtual Private Servers. Our virtual and dedicated hosting plans now start from only £7.95 p.m. ALL our services also come with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee and personal 24x7 Support which is a real selling point for many people looking for this type of service.

Hostway's products and services are perfect for anyone wanting to or who already are developing a web site or an online presence."
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