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Orange Broadband
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"Orange Home Broadband provides the lowest price best value broadband in the UK for existing Orange mobile customers at just £5 a month on a 12 month contract. Plus with 'No Tricks Just treats', customers never have any nasty surprises.

Why did we change our prices and tariffs?

* To boost our best value proposition – Orange mobile customers will be exclusively rewarded with half price home broadband for life.

* To enhance our plans with more features and no hidden costs – Customers can now enjoy a shorter 12 month contract period as well as the Uk’s best value home broadband plan at just £5 a month for unlimited broadband usage (as long as they stay an Orange mobile customer)

* Shout about our great service and new dedicated broadband network – Orange Broadband was recently voted number one 1 for customer satisfaction in July’s OFCOM survey, 2011."
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