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"We are a leading nationwide service for those executives who wish to be considered at small employers, growth firms and Fortune 1000 companies. We have been active in the employement field for over 30 years.

Every day, ESO attracts professionals and executives from virtually every industry and country in the world. Our technology makes candidates easily accessible to employers, recruiters, and venture capitalists in confidence.

Our specialities are wide ranging and include:

- Accounting / Administration

- Advertising / Public Relations

- Aerospace / Defense

- Arts / Entertainment

- Banking / Biomed / Biotech

- Consumer Products

- Education / Healthcare

- Engineering / Electronics

- Finance / Financial Services

- General Mgmt. / Top Mgmt.

- HR / Recruiting / Outplacement - Insurance / All Legal

- IT / IS / Internet / Comp. Sci.

- Law Enforcement / Security

- Management Consulting

- Manufacturing - all operations

- Nonprofit / Operations

- Retail / Real Estate

- Restaurant / Food Service

- Sales / Marketing

- Sales @ Home

- Service Industries

- Sports / Fitness / Training

- Transportation / Logistics"
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