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"The Internet is the new yellow pages. More and more, consumers turn to the web first to research and find nearby retailers and local service providers—at the rate of 213 million searches every single day. Simply put, if you’re not online, those people can’t find your store or purchase from you. And LeadConnect™ is the simple, affordable, and effective solution that targets and showcases your business to local shoppers on the web, driving more buyers directly to you.

Appear on Google, Yahoo! and all the Internet’s other top search engines, local directories, and yellow pages.

Publish locations, hours, maps, contacts, website links, services, specialties, and much more. No more registering with each search engine individually. It’s one-click easy!

It takes just minutes to set up your Online Search Profile and seconds to update it anytime.

LeadConnect is the simple and smart way to promote your business online—regardless of whether you have a website to link back to."
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