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RS Components US
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  • $ 7.97 »Vishay 50Ω, 0402 (1005M) Thin Film SMD Resistor ±2% 0.05W - CH0402-50RGFPT
  • $ 106.97 »Analog Devices ADXRS453BEYZ , Gyroscope, SPI, 14-Pin LCCV
  • $ 45.63 »Telemecanique Sensors , Snap Action Limit Switch - Plastic, NO/NC, Spring Return Roller Lever Plunger Thermoplastic,
  • $ 8.43 »Panasonic , ZNR Disc Varistor 310pF 50A, Clamping 845V, Varistor 510V (25)
  • $ 84.95 »APEM Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) Momentary White LED Push Button Light Switch, IP67, 30.2 (Dia.)mm, Panel Mount,
  • See all »..and many more at
RS Components US
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