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Xdrive Secure Online Storage
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"Xdrive is the industry leader in providing online data storage. We provide our customers a user friendly place to store, access, backup, and share all of their business documents.

Now Xdrive is for everyone!

Did you know that Xdrive also helps the individual user by offering

Photo & Video Storage: Xdrive makes it easy to organize, display and share favorite photos and video in minutes.

# Share photos and video

# Store and send big photos and videos files that won't bounce back

# Security for irreplaceable photos and videos

Music Storage: Build a music library online and use play lists to organize your favorite MP3's

# Create individual play lists

# Send to wireless device

# State-of-the-art secure storage

Easy backup and secure storage for all valuable personal data:

# Security

# Nothing to destroy, lose or have stolen

# Customer service available 24/7

It's easy to see why PC Magazine, CNET, ZDNet and CNN recommend Xdrive as the Internet's BEST Online Storage Service."
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