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"Up to £7,500 cover for vet’s fees with Homebase Pet Insurance. Homebase could protect your cat or dog from just 2 months old with no maximum age limit to cover vet’s fees. Our Silver, Gold and Platinum policies let you choose cover to suit you and your pocket. Vet’s fees from £3,000 to £7,500 can be covered – our best ever Platinum cover protects your pet with up to £7,500 for each condition. USP’s Homebase gives you three choices of cover to suit your needs: Silver – up to £3,000 in vet’s fees for 12 months per condition Gold – up to £5,000 in vet’s fees for 12 months per condition Platinum – up to £7,500 per condition for an unlimited time period Plus, older pets can be covered – unlike other providers there is no upper age limit to cover vet’s fees. Online prices for our Silver cover start from £4.54 a month for a cat and £6.86 for a crossbreed dog and £7.87 for a pedigree dog (including 5% online discount). A choice of cover to protect yourself against unexpected costs. No upper age limit to cover your pet for vet’s fees – unlike some other insurance companies. We can pay the vet direct giving you one less thing to worry about. Spread the cost by paying monthly with no extra fee. Cover includes help if your pet is lost or stolen. Bereavement counselling and other helplines included as standard. As with all insurances terms and conditions apply, cover is provided as long as policies are renewed and premiums are up to date."
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