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White Canyon - computer security software
"WhiteCanyon's software helps prevent identity theft and improves computer performance & security. WhiteCanyon is the industry leader in security software tools, for both personal and business use. Our company president was recently featured on Inside Edition as THE expert in the US. Check out our 3 minute video linked from the home page.

WipeDrive - Getting rid of your computer? Formatting your hard drive does NOT erase your data! Make sure all your confidential information is permanently deleted prior to getting rid of your computer. WipeDrive has been trusted and used by the US Department of Defense for more than six years. More than 5 MILLION HARD DRIVES have been permanently wiped with WipeDrive!

SecureClean - Need faster computer performance? Did you know EVERY image of EVERY Internet site you have EVER VISITED is on your computer? Did you know that when you delete a file and then empty the recycle bin, the file really isn't gone? This "Internet clutter" sacrifices computer performance. SecureClean reclaims wasted disk space, permanently erases past surfing history, and protects you and your family from Identity Theft.

MySecurityVault - MySecurityVault is not just a customizable, secure password manager. It also encrypts any file on your computer and has an auto-fill feature for IE.

Our other software titles are also loved by everyone who uses them."
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