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"Since it's creation nearly two years ago BlueFish has focused on the millions of small business owners across the world and provides users with all of the tools necessary to take business to the web.

BlueFish Web Hosting offers one simple hosting plan to make the process of building an online business more easy. BlueFish web hosting accounts include a FREE domain name, 6 GB of storage space, Unlimited POP and webmail accounts, 100 Gigs of monthly data transfer, detailed website statistics with raw logs available, PayPal shopping cart integration, dozens of professional website templates, FREE search engine submission, and much more all for one low price of $6.95 per month.

BlueFish Web Hosting has focused on customer support since the very beginning and continues to outshine the competitors by offering over-the-top TOLL FREE telephone support. No outsourcing here, you can expect to speak with an english speaking, professional customer service agent. Don't be surprised if you get a call from BlueFish just to see how your online business is going. BlueFish is a name you can trust with your online business."
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