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PowWeb Hosting - discount web hosting
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PowWeb Hosting - discount web hosting
"PowWeb has been delivering the most complete hosting solution since its inception in 1999. PowWeb is one of the most recognized hosting providers on the Internet.

Our All-In-One hosting package includes 12,000 MB storage, 10 GB/Day Transfer (not Month!), 10 FTP users, CGI-Bin, 650 POP3, Online Community, Control Panel, Web based Mail, SSL, PHP3, MySQL, 30-day money back guarantee, and more! Our $7.77 monthly cost is extremely competitive for what you receive!

Compare these features to our competitors:

- 12,000 MB of space

- 10GB transfer per day or 300GB per month

- FREE Domain

- High Uptime

- Resource Center and Community

- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (30 Day Money Back)

- $7.77 per month

- FREE Set-Up"
PowWeb Hosting - discount web hosting
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