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"Micro Direct is one of the UK's leading IT distributors. Established over 10 years, our prices are some of the lowest on the web. Micro Direct was formed in 1993 and from its modest beginnings has now become one of the fastest growing retailers of computer components in the UK.

A decade of large scale investment into warehousing and logistics, over 130 industry qualified staff, and our commitment to holding millions of pounds worth of stock over a wide range of products, has led Micro Direct to achieving its unique position of trust amongst purchasers throughout the industry.

Micro Direct has a massive range of computer products (currently over 4,000), ranging from the essential CPUs and motherboards, to high powered graphics cards and gadgets / mp3 players. Our product range expands on a daily basis. We are working with leading manufacturers including Sony, Shuttle, Iiyama, AMD, Asus and many more.

In keeping with our commitment to quality and service, we are Microsoft Certified Partners and ISO 9001:2000 quality assured compliant, amongst other industry standards.

Our Website has gone from strength to strength and is now among the top 20 sites in the UK PC industry. We currently receive over 25,000 unique visitors per day to our website."
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