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"AOL Broadband wireless internet from just £4.99 a month. Free wireless router with all our broadband products and up to 24Mbps broadband.

As one of the UK's largest Internet Service Providers (ISP), AOL Broadband has provided Internet services for over 10 years, and currently helps almost 1.7 million customers connect to the Internet. AOL Broadband was the first Internet Service Provider to include a wireless router as standard with all broadband packages.

- up to 24Mbps download speed (depending on line and location) and a wireless router included

- Easy-Install Pack includes a CD containing step-by-step instructions on how to install a router and get online, in addition to the AOL Broadband installation software.

- Award-winning customer support. Dedicated broadband experts are available from 8am until midnight, 7 days a week.

- free phone technical support when the customers call from an AOL Talk line.

- If it’s flexibility your are after, check out AOL Wireless Flexi package. It’s broadband package that can be cancelled at any time, without penalty!"
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