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BT b-line - prepaid global internet access
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"BT b-line is a prepaid Global Communication Account enabling access to the internet from around the world, as an international phonecard, send web to mobile phone texts (SMS messages), and WiFi access to BT Openzone Wireless broadband hotspots in the UK and Ireland.

Key benefits include: -

? Pay as you go, Low Cost, No Contract, Top up online via the web or over the phone

? Local low cost access in each country

? Website support for all aspects of the service

? As long as the card / account is used and topped up, it does not expire.

It is ideal for anyone who is away from home, irrespective of their country of origin and wants access to the Internet, email, other information or just to stay in contact by phone- without incurring excessive charges.

For more information visit the website."
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