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Global Sources Direct - import wholesale goods from China
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"Global Sources Direct is a leading B2B wholesale channel for China suppliers to sell online directly to international buyers. We provide an online department store-like marketplace, shipping, and after-sales services to our buyers. Our biggest markets are the US, UK, and Australia.

Backed by our NASDAQ-listed parent company, Global Sources, with 36 years of experience in facilitating international trade, we have access to over a million global B2B buyers through online, print, and tradeshow channels, merchandising know-how, brand recognition, and excellent supplier relationships. We are a three-year-old multi-million dollar business. Our visitors benefit from our expertise and resource in China.

Global Sources Direct stocks over 1200 SKUs ranging in price from US$20 to US$1000 per carton, and continuously adds new products to its merchandising mix. We have over 80 main and subcategories, and other sections to highlight specials, promotions, discounts, etc. They range from consumer electronics and computer accessories, to beauty products and gifts and home items. Our most popular products are MP4s, iPod/iPhone accessories, digital photo frames, and RC toys. Our extensive product range, exceptional product quality, and factory-direct pricing are the perfect complement to a variety of business to business enterprises. "
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