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", part of Pipex and voted ‘Best web host 2006’ by readers of WebUser, is the UK’s largest domain name registrar, web hosting and email provider. Our success is built on providing a wide range of products all under one roof combined with market leading low prices, including:

- Domains with free home page creator – from £2.59 / y

- Email services – from £0.83 / m

- Instant websites – from £1.99 / m

- Web hosting – from £1.59 / m

- Dedicated Servers – from £39.99 / m

We have over a million domains in our care, and are well known as being the lowest cost provider, all backed up with great reliability.

We sell a huge range of products, from domains all the way through to Dedicated Servers, so whatever domain, email or hosting needs you have, we’ve got the right product for them."
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