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Iscom, Inc.
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"PCCALL: PC TO PHONE SERVICE- enables anyone with a computer and Internet connection to call any telephone in the world! Rates start as low as 2.9 cents/min to the US & UK. Great for travelers with a notebook, international customers, and anyone looking to save on long distance!

2. ISCARD: GLOBAL ONLINE CALLING CARD- is the Toll-Free No-Fee Global Calling Card! Rates start as low as 6.5 cents/min to the US. IsCard features toll free access from over 50 countries, online account management, PIN-FREE dialing, speed dialing, and much more! Great for travelers, college students, sales personnel and more!

3. IS800: TOLL-FREE NUMBER PROVIDER- is a toll free number service which is managed entirely online. Instantly change the ring-to number online, without having to make a single call! Great for small businesses, traveling professionals, students, campers and more!"
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