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MedEx Supply
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MedEx Supply
" is an Online Medical Distributor since 1999. MedexSupply has more than doubled in sales and inventory in the last year and has high-quality online presence. We offer a variety of Medical, Surgical, Lab, HME, DME, Medex Supply is on the go with a BRAND NAME that is growing fast! With a full line of brand name medical supplies, we have established ourselves in the health care industry as the place to go to for all of one’s medical supply and equipment needs. We offer a variety of medical, surgical, lab, HME, DME, exam room, EMS supplies and more. Medical professionals know that they can trust and rely on Medex Supply for unbeatable prices, superb service and fast shipping. Medex Supply offers a new kind of shopping experience for the health care professional who is searching for an ever-expanding selection of top quality medical supplies. We present a hassle free shopping experience for our customers. With over ten years in the industry we can offer extremely competitive pricing for a selection of more than 40,000 products available for purchase!"
Featured products
  • $ 15.95 »CircAid UnderSleeve Knee High Leg Liner, Beige
  • $ 41.81 »AliMed Conventional Neoprene Universal Wrist Support, Small/Medium
  • $ 14.95 »Catheter Thoracic Argyle Straight 32Fr, EA
  • $ 458.49 »Riester Ri-Modul Miller F.O. Laryngoscope Set, Xenon Light 2.5 V
  • $ 165.95 »Harloff Drawer Divider Trays for Miniline Anesthesia Cart, 6/pk
  • See all »..and many more at
MedEx Supply
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