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Namesco - hosting & domain names
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Namesco - hosting & domain names
"Namesco was established over 13 years ago back in 1996 and has gone from strength to strength. by adhering to core values:

Fair pricing on all products.

Automated systems to give the user ultimate control.

High quality products, often picking up awards.

But most importantly highly trained, knowledgeable staff.

Our products offer solutions for all people from basic home users to bespoke solutions for major corporations.

What products do we sell?


- Award winning hosting, offering all the extras

- No contract monthly plans

- ongoing customer promotions

- A free domain name with every plan

- All technologies supported

- Full control panel

- Free support line

Domain Names

- The biggest portfolio of domains around

- Hundreds of domain suffixes

- Full DNS control

- Free web page maker

- Unlimited web forwarding

- Free Email account

- Unlimited Email forwarding"
Namesco - hosting & domain names
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