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"Talk America is a leading competitive communications provider that offers phone services and high speed internet access to both residential and business customers. Talk America delivers value in the form of savings, simplicity and quality service to its customers through its leading edge network and award-winning back office.

Talk America offers a bundle of local and long distance telephone services to residential and small business customers in the United States. Our value is delivered in the form of savings, simplicity, and quality service to our customers. Local phone services include dial tone, various local calling plans including free member-to-member calls, and a variety of features such as caller identification, call waiting, and three-way calling. No hassles, no runarounds, and no leaving you on hold forever is part of our commitment to our customers.

Founded in 1989, we began as a provider of long distance phone service to residential and small business customers. By 1997, we completed construction of our own nationwide long distance network. In 2000, we expanded our product set to offer a bundle of local and long distance phone services to residential and small business customer and currently no longer actively market long distance only products. Our vision is to build a large, profitable consumer franchise, delivering value and superior service to our customers in a simple package."
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