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Forex Mentor
Learn the secrets of Foreign Exchange Currency Trading.

"Author, professional trader Peter Bain is an authority in Currency Trading education. His Forex Course teaches the same system used by banks, financial institutions and professional Forex traders alike to trade currencies on the foreign exchange. For the first time, Peter's making his "Commercial Forex Trading" system available to the public in the form of a video currency trading course.

The Peter Bain Video Forex Course is video course is a complete trading solution and is packed with 6 hours of live instructions on DVDs from Peter himself. In addition, there are an additional 6 hours of instruction on CDs, a 150 page "Trade Currencies the Way the Big Dogs Do" User's Manual and 1 year access to the Forexmentor Membership website. Learn to trade the lucrative 1.5 trillion Forex Market everyday with Peter Bain's Video Forex Course. A Forex currency trader doesn't have to worry about 7,800 stocks, or 72 commodities, and all the underlying trading rules that accompany those markets. With the Forex, a currency trader only has to think about the 4 major currency pairs - and pure technical analysis. The average daily range of 104 pips for all four pairs far surpasses that of any other stock trading market. Peter will show you the techniques and secrets used by the commercial institutions and banks.

Check our testimonial section for accolades of satisfied customers."
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